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After being showered with bribes (clothes, money, flattery and other gifts), he was quickly spoiled and ensnared in her web of delusion - and death trap.

Sunset Boulevard was adapted into a musical in mid-1993, with a score by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and first opened in London with Patti Lu Pone in the lead role.

Joe's treatment of the screenplay is criticized by clean-cut, Paramount script reader Betty Schaefer (Nancy Olson) - she denounces it in "a two page synopsis" as being written "from hunger," "a rehash of something that wasn't very good to begin with," and "flat and trite." She is startled to discover that her evaluation has been overheard by the screenwriter himself and apologizes: "...right now I wish I could crawl in a hole and pull it in after me." She explains, "I just think that pictures should say a little something." One reason she rejected the script was because she recognized his name and thought he had some talent.

The devastated writer replies: "That was last year.

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The screenplay was based on the story A Can of Beans by Wilder and Brackett - this was the last collaborative film effort of Brackett and Wilder who had worked together on many films since 1938.I learned all secrets of a real woman and I became one.Come inside and find many hundreds of my sweet spicy frolics, which I'm updating non-stop!The film opens with a pan down to a street curb/gutter in Hollywood with dead leaves. - the image is an appropriate metaphor for the tawdry exposé to follow.The camera pulls back across the cracked, defaced asphalt with superimposed credits - also stenciled.[In the original screenplay, the film opened in a Los Angeles morgue where the protagonist's corpse delivered a lively voice-over narration and spoke with other fellow corpses who recently died.

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