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Two scopes may have the same bandwidth, number of channels, sampling rate, operating modes, and memory length.

Yet, one will be bought instead of the other because its software or triggering capability or measurement suite better matches the customer's application requirements.

An increasing number of oscilloscope users are finding that the traditional four channels that have been the norm for decades are no longer sufficient.

In this article you find out how eight channels provide the answer.

From digital home electronics to automobiles, a boom has recently occurred in various industries that use embedded systems in which functionality is achieved through processors and software.

If your DL series oscilloscope is not measuring rise or fall time, it may be because you are attempting to measure asymmetric waveforms.

Please verify or update the firmware version on your DLM2000 to version 1.81 or later. Unbalanced, non-isolated inputs are single-ended amplifiers. These inputs are suitable for measurements where common mode voltages are extremely small or zero and measurements are referenced to GND. The timestamp on the DLM2000 corresponds to the end of waveform acquisition and is the time of the very last acquisition.

Likewise, the timestamp in history corresponds to the last waveform acquisition. DL708/DL708E: The ON/OFF conditions of bit signals from A1 to A8 and B1 to B8 are expressed as a 16-bit value.

Oscilloscopes, also called Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSOs) or Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSOs), are a common type of test instrument used to capture, analyze, and troubleshoot electrical or real world physical signals.

Oscilloscopes observe the change of electrical signals over time, continuously graphed on a display as voltage or amplitude vs. During observation, oscilloscopes can analyze waveforms parametrically (i.e.

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