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    You'll find that most instructors, especially, are not in the least bothered by such questions—in fact, they're probably pleased that you're paying such close attention—but if they do seem bothered, write down the word and look it up later, before the context of the word evaporates.

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    In her own words she writes spanking stories since she was 14 and is into submission. Under his new "label" Mr Bondskin he wrote "Amber in a Box" which earned A/A- in the Annex Reviews, 2/27/00 by Lady Cyrrh. The story listed below are to be found at stories.* thru Google. His earlier work concerns Femdom ("Baton Rouge, NY" and "The Footman of LA") but during 1997 he has transitioned to more mainstream BDSM and spanking ("Seductions" a multi-part series that forms part of a long unfinished work called "Just Like Don Giovanni's Blues").