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For most of the last century, a prevailing theory within the field of nutrition was that by eating acid-forming foods (such as meat), we were, in essence, at risk of peeing our bones down the toilet. Experiments dating back to 1920 showed over and over that if you add meat to the diet, you get a big spike in the amount of calcium being lost in the urine. So, the thinking was that every time we ate a steak, our body would pull calcium from our bones, bit by bit, and over time, this could lead to osteoporosis.

Meat and eggs have a lot of sulphur-containing amino acids (two to five times more than grains and beans) that are metabolized into sulphuric acid, which the body buffers with calcium. Based on 26 such studies, for every 40 grams of protein we add to our daily diet, we pee out an extra 50mg of calcium.

More calcium in the urine on burgers, but significantly greater calcium absorption, such that at the end, it was pretty much a wash.

So, the excess calcium in their urine wasn’t coming from their bones, but from what they were eating.The average atomic mass for the element is actually 12.011.Since you never really know which carbon atom you are using in calculations, you should use the average mass of an atom.What seemed to be happening is that the excess protein consumption boosted calcium absorption—from down around 19% up to 26%.So, all of a sudden, there was all this extra calcium in the blood, so presumably the kidneys are like, whoa, what are we going to do with it all? 90% of the extra calcium in the urine after eating a steak doesn’t appear to be coming from our bones, but from our diet.

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