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Never was there such a concentration of information.He was primarily a great mining engineer and authority on metallurgy.There has, however, been no time in the recorded history of the world when we do not find traces of preternatural interference and a tardy recognition of them from humanity.The only difference between these episodes and the modern movement is that the former might be described as a case of stray wanderers from some further sphere, while the latter bears the sign of a purposeful and organized invasion.Then we have "Modern American Spiritualism: A Twenty Years' Record," and "Nineteenth Century Miracles," by that great woman and splendid propagandist, Mrs.

Under these circumstances I claimed and obtained the loyal assistance of Mr. Leslie Curnow, whose knowledge of the subject and whose industry have proved to be invaluable.To illustrate this one has to consider the two categories into which his work may be divided. This seems to most people outside the chosen flock a useless and perilous side of his work.On the one hand he accepts the Bible as being in a very particular sense the work of God.The clean slate is certainly most apt for the writing of a message.Swedenborg's mind was no clean slate, but was criss-crossed with every kind of exact learning which mankind is capable of acquiring.

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