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"Those who for whole days prayed and offered sacrifice that their children might survive them, were called superstitious" (Cicero, ibid., II, 28, 72).

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As a matter of fact, many superstitions of our own day have been acts of genuine piety at other times, and may be so still in the hearts of simple folk. Improper Worship The first type of improper worship, cultus indebitus , consists in introducing false or superfluous elements into the practice of true religion."Superstition is the baseless fear of the gods, religion the pious worship." According to Isidore of Seville (Etymolog., l. iii, sent.), the word comes from superstatuo or superinstituo : "Superstitio est superflua observantia in cultu super statuta seu instituta superiorum", i.e."observances added on to prescribed or established worship"] is defined by St.The theological virtue of religion stands midway between the two.(II-II:92:1) This division is based upon the various ways in which religion may be vitiated by excess.

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