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Rogers said that when confronted about the thumbnails in the camera, he told police he had a sickness.

Novak pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary and seven of conducting visual surveillance with prurient interest. Hackner sentenced Novak to serve 10 years in prison out of the maximum 47-year sentence, followed by five years of probation. There was so much video — 2,282 individual clips — that it took three detectives working five weeks to go through it to build cases for 20 women who didn't know they had been victimized until investigators showed up on their doorsteps, Rogers said.

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An Anne Arundel County prosecutor and judge both used the word "mind-boggling" in court this week to describe what they called methodical and well-documented secret video recordings of 260 women by a Crofton man."It's the most far-reaching case I've ever seen," Assistant State's Attorney Kathleen Rogers told Judge Paul A. "Frankly, I don't know how the defendant had time to hold down a job or even to sleep and eat because of the scope of his activities."Rogers said the activities of 35-year-old Charles Dean Novak included learning the routines of some of the women he recorded, and returning to their homes to make multiple videos of them as they dressed and undressed in their bedrooms and showered in their bathrooms.

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