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Despite the BBC article being poor in virtually every regard, my curiosity was fired up.Given the constraint of spending only £1 per day, what would the optimally healthy diet look like?The diet proposed in the article is a complete failure from a health perspective.The other big problem with the article, dealt with in some detail here, is that the journalist considers only the fractional cost of foods, regardless of how expensive or perishable the total food is, and indulges in delicacies like African mango.This is a naive first-approximation of food cost that doesn’t take into account food spoilage, preparation time or meal planning.Because it would be too laborious to do this for every food Asda sells, foods were selected for inclusion based more or less on my gut feeling about their potential value. Because we’re shooting for 2250 calories per day, foods that provide 2250 or more calories per £1 will be our primary sources of food energy.

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After creating this table, I created three more columns in my spreadsheet entitled “Weekly amount”, “weekly calories” and “weekly cost”, and added a “totals” row that kept track of the total number of calories per week (out of 15750) and total cost per week (out of £7).My diet will be tailored to provide 2250 kcal per day.Ideally the diet should satisfy the criteria for a healthy diet disseminated by the UK public health bodies and summarized in the Food Standards Agency Nutrient and Food Based Guidelines for UK Institutions.I’ve decided to use the UK supermarket Asda (a subsidiary of Walmart), partly because their prices seem competitive and partly because they have a comprehensive list of prices online (unlike budget supermarket Lidl or frozen food specialists like Iceland or Farmfoods).I’m only going to consider regularly priced food products — no special offers or reduced products.

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