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FIB SUVAll FIB and police vehicles can’t be purchased under any circumstance and can only be stolen from certain locations.

This particular vehicle can be obtained by looking for it in Grand Senora Desert Satellite. Make sure you have hefty ,000,000 (10 Million Dollars) in your bank account before you head to get it delivered to your garage.

Go to the Vinewood sign and you will get it parked in the vicinity.

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This is easily the best vehicle in the off-road class.The traction is amazing, speed and acceleration are pretty decent, and handling is quick to master.Sand King Sand King is basically an off-road truck which can be purchased for ,000. Submarine Progress through the game and you will get the ability to buy Sonar Collections Dock for 0,000.However, along with the vehicles which can be randomly accessed by wandering through the city; there are some other ones which can be found either completing certain challenges, via websites, or by looking for them in some specific locations.This guide will help you out in finding all these secret vehicles which can be driven in GTA 5. Tractor Utility You won’t be able to purchase this vehicle while playing the game but you may stumble upon it near the Light House.

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