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So little indeed was he changed, tliat I could scarcely believe so many 3'ears had elapsed since we made our first tour together. He en- livened the conversation at dinner with anecdotes that Avere often too much for the gravity of my servant, who once or t Avice left the room to avoid ex])losive outbreaks of laughter.

Among others, he told me the following Avhimsical story.

The way these ' old oysters' (a nick-name I gave the islanders, on account of tlieir everlastin' beds of tliis shell-fish) opened their mugs and gaped Avas a caution to dying calves.

"At the time appointed, there were eight hundred sticks on tlie ground, the very best in the colony. They didn't think hard of me, for I advertised for four sticks only, and I gave a very high price for them ; but they did think a little mean of themselves, that's a fact, for each man had but four pieces, and they were too ridiculous large for tlie thunderin' small vessels built on the island.

All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties.People coiddn't think what under the liglit of the living sun was going on, for it seemed as if every team in the province was at work, and all the country- men were running mad on junipers.Perhaps no livin' soul ever see such a beautiful collection of ship-timber at'ore, and I am sure never will again in a crow's age.AVell, although I don't trade uoaa', I spekelate sometimes Avhen I see a right smart chance, and especially if there is fun in the transaction.So, sais I, ' Doctor, I Avill play possum f Avith these folks, and take a rise out of them, that Avill astonish their Aveak narves, / know, Avhile I ]Mit several hundred dollars in my ])oeket at tlie same time." So I advertised that I Avouhl give four pounds ten * The Amoriouns arc not entitled to the credit or ridieulo, Avliichcvor people may bo disposed to bestow upon them, for the extraordinary plirases Avith which their conversation is occasionally (Miibc Uislu Ml. Tliat of "pull-foot" maybe traced to Eu- ripides, dvaipiov fc/c ^Mjxa Tiop iroca.

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