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Like the ancient Greek symposia, or Deipnosophistaí, “I want us to eat, drink and engage in learning guided by two prominent historians and gastronomists,” Zoe told guests as she lifted her wine glass in a toast to the moment. They hired an Italian architect and built a beautiful church. And 40 years later, the archdiocese wanted to tear it down. I published a feature article on the effort of Italian Americans who once lived in the neighborhood, who attended Mass there at Our Lady of Loreto, who were baptized there, had their first communion and confirmation there; and so they organized to save the church.You can see photos here from the web site devoted to Our Lady of Loreto, a web site maintained by Dominick Mondelli. Besides PRIMO, the Italian Tribune, mainstream newspapers and news sites in New York such as the New York Times and the Daily News and others brought a lot of publicity to the preservation effort.A recent gathering was the third Ancient Dinner in a series that will continue next year as well. In the spirit of Virgil and Apicius, two famous Roman devotees of fine food, the charming duo of Luigi and Amy lifted the evening to Olympian heights, and filled it with their intimate knowledge. And the church, built by Italian immigrants over 100 years ago, is now being demolished. About 110 years ago, the Italian immigrants wanted a Catholic church of their own. You can see that it was well-attended and made up of many devoted parishioners.Ancient Dinners began this fall to celebrate the traditions and the cultures around the world; its goal is to offer guests a cultural experience that goes beyond just food. ” To learn more about the series, visit Note: Joe David is the author of numerous articles and six books, including . A house of worship that conveyed their language, customs and traditions. Many of the men who lived there were carpenters and bricklayers and had experience in construction. In the 1960s, Our Lady of Loreto was turned over to the Brooklyn archdiocese.

This blending of history and culture to highlight a memorable meal is the brainchild of Dr. For some, Zoe is a new face in the city, the recent founder and president of Ancient Dinners LLC; for others, she is a world-traveler who has for many years represented Greece at its embassy in Washington, D. Ancient Dinners is for Zoe a blending of two loves, travel and food, and each Ancient Dinner highlights a different country around the world, gastronomically with family-style food, based on ancient recipes and created with original ingredients that are indigenous to the country. For the select diners, it was an educationally enriching experience, in which the ancient foods of Rome were introduced by two engaging personalities, Chefs Amy Riolo, author and television personality, and Luigi Diotaiuti, proprietor of Aperto and Al Tiramisu. It is reminiscent of what happens to a building that had a bomb dropped on it. Part of Brownsville or Ocean Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn. This neighborhood was once a densely populated Italian neighborhood.To read the latest articles in the newest print edition of PRIMO, please subscribe today.Please remember to update your browser in order to view all material on our web site.They came to build up the city and not tear it down - unlike the archdiocese and now even some others in local government that want to tear down statues of Columbus and others.We learn from this sad situation, that the effort to preserve our Italian heritage in New York and all over America is well worth the fight and we have to keep fighting whenever we are faced with destruction of our heritage.

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