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I opened the door and saw her lying down fast asleep.Thinking she was just tired but as he looked closer he knew there was something else.While visiting Mary the aging grannies walking around were no exception- full, fat asses that hadn’t had any good attention in years.I can’t tell you how many times I had to run to the bathroom to stroke my aching cock, the images of big, sagging tits, and juicy granny asses on my mind the whole time.

I had always wondered what her bare tits looked like. The perfect orbs were capped with nipples that cried out to be sucked. I had no choice but to take it out of my pants. I took my eight-inch cock in hand and began to masturbate in earnest. I almost jumped out of my skin when Gran stirred in her sleep."What if she wakes up and catches me jacking off? "I almost wish that she would." I pumped my cock harder, and as I slipped over the edge, I did something truly insane.My granny went into an old folks home because she was getting on a bit ( 92 years old and my Grandfather had just died a few months ago,) so it was better for her and safer if she went into care.I can tell that this was very hard for her to deal with.I then got closer to her and shook her and she just slept.Throwing caution to the wind, I got her ready for bed and tossed my clothing aside and got in with her. but in old age they were now very saggy as hell with some stretch marks on.

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